A ridiculous prayer?

"It was in 1936 that I became seriously ill. Douwe Tamminga, an elder in my church, came to visit me at the Roseland Community Hospital in Chicago. He prayed that my life might be spared and that henceforth I would be directed into the service of Christ.

This appeared to be a very strange prayer. Why should God be asked to give me health and strength for such a purpose? What could I possibly do for Christ?

I came to the conclusion, shortly after Mr. Tamminga left, that this certainly was a ridiculous prayer.

But as the hours of the night wore on toward morning, it became increasingly apparent that the elder’s prayer could not easily be forgotten. It was then that my commitment to God was made.

If He would restore my health, I would give the strength of my body and mind in any avenue of service to which God would direct."

These are the words of our founder, William Chapman.

In April 1938, Chapman and his wife purchased 1,000 Bibles in faith and went door-to-door in Walkerton, Indiana. They gave a Bible to anyone in exchange for a promise to read it.

Chapman could not have imagined the impact across the globe today as a result of his humble service. He could not have comprehended that God would use Him to launch a worldwide ministry more than 75 years ago.

Kingdom Impact

Each year, we measure the impact people like you make through your gifts and prayers. In 2016 alone, together with our ministry partners Bible League International, we have:

From underground churches, house churches, and indigenous culture churches gathering under trees, one thing remains true—spiritual transformation is happening across the globe. The great commission ministry of William Chapman that began more than 75 years ago is alive and well today.