INDIA: Widow’s life changed by Bible literacy

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Annpurna is a widowed mother of five living in India. Annpurna encountered Jesus through The Bible Network’s Bible-based literacy class and her life was totally transformed. “As a full-time mother, I worried about my children’s future. But one day, this changed,” Annpurna said.  “Brother Nishant, a trained literacy leader, came to my house. He shared the Gospel with me and … Read More

SENEGAL: The cost of being a disciple of Jesus

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Growing up as a Sufi Muslim in Senegal, Western Africa, Assane*  kept the traditions of his community with the rest of his family. However, when he heard the Gospel for the first time and began to read the Scriptures in his heart language, he knew he had to make a change, whatever the cost. His decision cost him dearly. When … Read More

MUSLIM WORLD: Terrorist Finds Jesus

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Saman was the commander of a small terrorist cell in Northern Iraq that often raided non-Islamic communities. On one such raid his team killed several men. As they searched the dead bodies one of his team found a small booklet in a shirt pocket entitled The Book of Luke and gave it to Saman for him to read out aloud … Read More

PHILIPPINES: Hope After Haiyan

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When super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in the Philippines in November 2013, the devastation it left behind affected an estimated 16 million people. Over four million people were displaced and over 6,000 lost their lives. Soon afterwards, survivors began to rebuild using what scraps they could pull together to create makeshift shelters for their families. Complete Destruction The Tacloban Church … Read More

MIDDLE EAST: A Beating Does Not Change the Truth

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Distraught at the death of his father, Aisulu needed help in dealing with his pain and grief – but he didn’t know where to turn. His brother advised him to read the Qur’an. As Aisulu pulled the Muslim Holy Book off the family bookshelf, another small hidden book fell out at his feet. Aisulu looked down to see a Bible … Read More

ETHIOPIA: Bibles Bring Hope

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At Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia students such as Gemechu Yemane have the opportunity to gather with other campus students for fellowship where they are expected to speak in the Amharic language.  Students love to fellowship with each other but for students like Gemechu, who do not speak Amharic well, the meetings are often difficult and not very beneficial. The Bible … Read More

IRAN: An Emptiness Filled Only by Jesus

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Ever since he can remember, Hasan, from a small province in Iran, was taught how to pray five times a day according to the precepts of the Islamic faith. Every evening his father would gather the whole family together and read a message from the Qur’an. But as Hasan grew up, he felt a growing emptiness in his heart – … Read More

KENYA: Facing Death Daily

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Thanks to friends like you, The Bible Network has been supplying Bibles to Aids Care, an organisation in Kenya which supports HIV/AIDS sufferers. The Word of God is bringing hope to those stricken by this terrible disease. One lady confessed to her pastor, “Thank you for taking care of us even when the rest of the community pushes us to … Read More

ARMENIA: Anger Turned into Joy

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Vilen who is 17 years old lives in a village in Armenia near the troubled border with Azerbayjan.  Born physically handicapped he has never been able to walk or talk.  As a child life was very difficult and as he grew older Vilen became increasingly aggressive and angry. A Church Planter from Bible League/Bible Network Armenia visited Vilen’s remote village to organise Bible study … Read More

NEPAL: Empowered through Project Philip

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Abraham is the pastor of the Prayer Methodist Church in the Jorparti Besigaum district of Nepal.  Formerly a strict Hindu, he has now been a pastor for the last 15 years. Abraham was introduced to Bible League/Bible Network ministry and the Project Philip program by a friend and is now using Project Philip resources in 10 cell groups in his church. … Read More

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