ARMENIA: Anger Turned into Joy

ARMENIA: Anger Turned into Joy

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Vilen who is 17 years old lives in a village in Armenia near the troubled border with Azerbayjan.  Born physically handicapped he has never been able to walk or talk.  As a child life was very difficult and as he grew older Vilen became increasingly aggressive and angry.

A Church Planter from Bible League/Bible Network Armenia visited Vilen’s remote village to organise Bible study groups including a Bible study group for teenagers in the house next door to Vilen.

The Church Planter visited Vilen and shared with him that with Jesus Christ all things were possible.   He invited Vilen to the teen Bible study group. In the group they prayed for Vilen and gave him a Children’s Bible.  With a ”hungry heart” Vilen read the Bible for hours. His parents have seen a dramatic change in him – joy has now replaced the anger and frustration that previously scared Vilen’s life.

God is bringing a miraculous change through His power and through his powerful Word. Vilen is now able to say a few words and to even stand for some seconds.  He even wants to share the Word of God with his neighbour’s invalid daughter and tell her that Jesus Christ can change her life too.


Praise God for Church Planters who love their nation and work tirelessly to bring others to Jesus.

Pray that Vilen will continue to witness to his community the transforming power of God through His Word.