ETHIOPIA: Bibles Bring Hope

ETHIOPIA: Bibles Bring Hope

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At Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia students such as Gemechu Yemane have the opportunity to gather with other campus students for fellowship where they are expected to speak in the Amharic language.  Students love to fellowship with each other but for students like Gemechu, who do not speak Amharic well, the meetings are often difficult and not very beneficial.

The Bible Network is now providing the Oromo Bible and English Easy to ReadTM Version with the study portions for the students. “Now we have two different Bible study classes; the Oromo Bible Study group and English Bible study group.” says Gemechu.

“Because Bible League [The Bible Network] makes available Bibles in our heart language, this made it easy for us to reach the unbelieving Oromo speaking community among the University students.

We have received 250 Oromo whole Bibles and Portions, 100 English Gold Youth Bible and portions and 24 English Easy to Read Version Bibles” says Gemechu.

The impact of the Scriptures among the University students has been significant.  There has been observable spiritual growth in the Bible Studies with many students being more committed to reading the Word of God and serving the Lord in all circumstances.

Your on-going support will enable more Ethiopian College and University students like Gemechu to come into a closer relationship with Jesus as they read and study God’s Living, Eternal Word in their Heart language.


Praise God for the provision of Bibles and resources in the Oromo heart language so that believers may reach out to other students.

Pray that these believers will continue to grow in their faith and be a beacon of hope to fellow students.