INDIA: Widow’s life changed by Bible literacy

INDIA: Widow’s life changed by Bible literacy

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Annpurna is a widowed mother of five living in India. Annpurna encountered Jesus through The Bible Network’s Bible-based literacy class and her life was totally transformed.

“As a full-time mother, I worried about my children’s future. But one day, this changed,” Annpurna said.  “Brother Nishant, a trained literacy leader, came to my house. He shared the Gospel with me and invited me to Bible-based literacy class.”

“I decided to try it. When I went, he taught us about reading, writing and Jesus. “Brother Nishant also said (referring to Jesus), ‘Cast your burden upon Me because I understand your worries quite well.’”

These words gave me peace. Since then, I attend Bible-based literacy class regularly. And now, I can read and write very well and read God’s Word. I am a totally changed person because I know Christ as my Saviour,” she reveals.

The Holy Spirit didn’t stop with Annpurna. “My children have also met Jesus!” she said with evident joy. “Today, Christ is the head of my family.”

Meeting Jesus through the Word… because of people like you providing Bibles… help people like Annpurna learn to read and write from God’s Word.

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Praise God for Annpurna and her family and for their new relationship with Jesus.

Pray that more families will come into faith as they read, write and learn about Jesus through God’s Word.