IRAN: An Emptiness Filled Only by Jesus

IRAN: An Emptiness Filled Only by Jesus

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Ever since he can remember, Hasan, from a small province in Iran, was taught how to pray five times a day according to the precepts of the Islamic faith. Every evening his father would gather the whole family together and read a message from the Qur’an.

But as Hasan grew up, he felt a growing emptiness in his heart – all of the rules he observed became meaningless to him. Although he prayed faithfully five times a day, God never answered his prayers or seemed real. He began searching for the truth first in the Qur’an, but as he read he came across many historical, geographical and theological errors. As someone who had built his life on the belief that Islam was the only true religion these discoveries left him empty and confused.

At Hasan’s university there were a few foreign Christian students. Hasan wanted to become friends with them to find out what they believed. He had many questions about life, death, eternity, hell and paradise. One of the students he befriended gave him a New Testament in Farsi, his native tongue. He kept it well hidden fearing the reaction of his father, family and community to anything other than Islam.

During the Iranian New Year Hasan had the opportunity to travel overseas to the home country of one of his Christian friends. Through a Bible Study group he discovered many books in Farsi printed by Bible League/Bible Network including the Bible. He would often stay up all night reading. As he read the Bible he felt a special joy spring up in his heart – it was so different from the Qur’an. It wasn’t long before he decided to give his life to Jesus.

Iran continues to be a dangerous place to speak about Jesus but Hasan manages to wisely and courageously share the Good News with his friends and university classmates in private. He boldly shares his faith in Jesus, talks about salvation and assures his friends that God is real and wants a personal relationship with them.


Praise God for many coming to faith in Jesus across the Islamic world.

Pray for God’s protection for new believers coming out of the Islam. Continue to pray that despite their circumstances they will know God’s peace and how much they are deeply loved.