KENYA: Facing Death Daily

KENYA: Facing Death Daily

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Thanks to friends like you, The Bible Network has been supplying Bibles to Aids Care, an organisation in Kenya which supports HIV/AIDS sufferers. The Word of God is bringing hope to those stricken by this terrible disease.

One lady confessed to her pastor, “Thank you for taking care of us even when the rest of the community pushes us to the side and thank you for giving us the Word of God which can live with us even after this life.”

Having a copy of the Bible and having time to study the Word of God at such a critical time in a sufferer’s life when nobody else is concerned for them, is such a great, great blessing.

Patrick Mugo, Director of Bible League Kenya, has seen first-hand the transformation that comes with the gift of a Bible; “I have seen it give them hope to a point where their way of thinking, their way of doing things is different, as they know the comfort of the Word of God.”

Click donate to provide those living with HIV/AIDS the Bibles they need to bring comfort and blessing.


Praise God for those who show the love of Jesus to HIV/AIDS sufferers as they near the end of their earthly life.

Pray for all HIV/AIDS sufferers that they will come to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.