MIDDLE EAST: A Beating Does Not Change the Truth

MIDDLE EAST: A Beating Does Not Change the Truth

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Distraught at the death of his father, Aisulu needed help in dealing with his pain and grief – but he didn’t know where to turn. His brother advised him to read the Qur’an. As Aisulu pulled the Muslim Holy Book off the family bookshelf, another small hidden book fell out at his feet.

Aisulu looked down to see a Bible League / The Bible Network booklet called Answers to Questions about Salvation. Intrigued, he left the Qur’an on the shelf and began to read the booklet.

I understood that I was a sinner who needed Jesus Christ in my life. I went into the barn so that no one could see me, and I knelt down right beside the cows. And I invited Jesus Christ into my heart.

Aisulu’s family reacted violently to his decision.

When my brother found out about my new faith he beat me, says Aisulu. But a beating doesn’t change the truth.

God led Aisulu to a Bible Study leader who lived nearby who had Scriptures and discipleship materials from Bible League International / The Bible Network. This believer helped Aisulu to grow in his faith and then join a local church where he has found support and acceptance. Despite the risks, Aisulu loves to read his Bible and to share his faith with everyone he meets.

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