NEPAL: Empowered through Project Philip

NEPAL: Empowered through Project Philip

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Abraham is the pastor of the Prayer Methodist Church in the Jorparti Besigaum district of Nepal.  Formerly a strict Hindu, he has now been a pastor for the last 15 years.

Abraham was introduced to Bible League/Bible Network ministry and the Project Philip program by a friend and is now using Project Philip resources in 10 cell groups in his church. He has found Project Philip to be a powerful tool in growing the church.

Abraham tells the story of one of the members of his church touched by this program. Aadi (not his real name) was a heavy drinker who worked in a carpet factory and used to hear ‘voices’ in his head. The voices became so bad that he considered suicide.  One day Aadi met some people from the church who shared the Gospel with him.

They convinced him to start the Project Philip studies and through the program gave his life to Jesus.  He is now an active member of the church.  Aadi recalls with excitement that he felt real peace when he accepted Jesus and the ‘voices’ left him!  God impacted him both physically and spiritually and he thanks God and Bible League/Bible Network for the Project Philip program that literally saved his life.


Praise God that Project Philip is having an impact wherever it is being used.

Pray that more pastors will be encouraged to train in Project Philip and see their churches grow.