PHILIPPINES: Hope After Haiyan

PHILIPPINES: Hope After Haiyan

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When super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in the Philippines in November 2013, the devastation it left behind affected an estimated 16 million people. Over four million people were displaced and over 6,000 lost their lives. Soon afterwards, survivors began to rebuild using what scraps they could pull together to create makeshift shelters for their families.

Complete Destruction
The Tacloban Church in the Tocloban region was in the direct path of the storm. “The storm destroyed the church building, the pastoral house and all of our properties,” describes Ven Padriquez, pastor of the Church. The last Sunday in March marked the fourth month that the church community had met for worship without Bibles under a tent made of scraps.

Everything that the community had worked for so long to build was totally destroyed by the Typhoon. Still, their pastor observed how their hopes were not dampened by the disaster despite the loss of life around them.

Renewed Hope
After months of hardship and reconstruction, the congregation received a welcome surprise when they came to worship just a few weeks before Easter. “A big tent church was donated to us and Bible League International / The Bible Network provided us with Bibles,” said Pastor Ven with a big smile stretching over his face.

Another Church Leader added, “We really thank the Lord for the Bibles we received from Bible League / The Bible Network. Even though Typhoon Haiyan destroyed our church building, our love for God and compassion for people never declined.

Even though typhoon Haiyan took away the material possessions of the believers in the Tocloban Church a refreshing certainty remained intact that God had not forgotten them.

Because of your generosity Bible League international was able to respond and encourage typhoon affected believers in the Philippines. Now, they have concrete proof that God remembered them in their suffering. They have God’s Word in their hands again.

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