BPC-2013-bannerWe provide Bibles to the right people: millions of persecuted Christians who do not have Bibles they can turn to for strength in the midst of their suffering.

More than 200 million Christians in 60 countries are hunted, imprisoned, banished, fined, denied jobs and education, physically tortured and brutally killed – just because they are Christians.

But they consider themselves blessed!

God has given them the privilege to follow the way of the cross. They have experienced His abundant grace in times of trouble.

Amazingly, persecuted Christians are not saying, “Stop the persecution.” Instead they plead, “Pray for us and send us Bibles – so we can be strong in faith.”

Persecution has made the Church grow,” says Angelina quietly, “many people have nothing else to cling to but God.” Before Bible League/The Bible Network was established in Southern Sudan, Church leaders taught from the memorised Bible verses. This was because almost all the Bibles were burnt or lost during the war.

The Bible Network and Bible League is responding to their plea.