Across Asia, a spiritual battle is intensifying. Physical and verbal attacks against Christians are happening almost daily. Aaron (not his real name) knows this first hand. Because he once used to persecute believers himself.

Aaron is from a poor village in southwest India. If you could see him now, you’d find it hard to believe where his story began.

He dropped out of school at a young age and spent many years drinking and gambling. Known by everyone in his village by the nickname “dadha”, which means villain, Aaron surprisingly adopted the role of a “religious leader” and took it upon himself to persecute Christians.

“My aim was to prevent Christians from proselytising. I hated the Christians for their efforts to convert people in my village. I would scare them off, threatening them with dire consequences,”explains Aaron.

His campaign to persecute Christians continued, until one day, something amazing happened… the Holy Spirit began to take hold of his heart. Aaron explains, “The more I persecuted them, the more I felt restless inside. And in a strange way, I was drawn to them.” Slowly his rough exterior began to crumble, and eventually he accepted Jesus into his life.

Today, Aaron is passionate about sharing the Gospel with others. But he’s paying a high price for that passion. Because Aaron is now the one being persecuted for his faith. And those he’s reaching are also at risk.

Having God’s Word – a gift from you – can keep them firm in their faith.

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