Each Bible you send this Christmas will help the seed of faith that God has planted in each child’s heart take root and grow.

“I was a radical Muslim and strongly opposed to Christianity. I refused to even share food and water with those we called infidels. My family converted to Christianity, so I chose to leave them.”

These aren’t the words of an adult extremist. They are the words of Dawud (name changed for security reasons), a young Christian boy in the Middle East – recalling his life just a few years ago.

If you saw Dawud today, you might find it hard to imagine the things this polite, softly spoken boy went through before he even reached his teens.

But, the heartbreaking reality is, right across the world, there are children just like him, growing up in crippling poverty, surrounded by hatred and exposed to violent extremism. Children who desperately need to know the peace and security of God’s loving embrace.

You can help them.

This Christmas, each Children’s Bible you send through The Bible Network can open up a wonderful new life in Christ for another child like Dawud. It’s a truly life-transforming gift – and it costs so little. Just £4.10 for each Children’s Bible.

With your help, their futures can be transformed and shaped through the power of God’s Word. Thank you so much.

For security reasons, the name has been changed and a file photo has been used.