95% of Christians in Mozambique do not have a Bible.
In a country which has nearly 25 million people, 30% of which are Christians, 95% do not own a Bible. This equates the need for Bibles to a bit over 7 million. In the rural towns where an average income could be as little as $2 a day, owning a Bible is literally a dream. Each Bible planted in Mozambique will bring another person into a close and personal relationship of knowing God through the Living Word.

Never Too Old to Find God
Wate is a grandfather and has lived in the village of Bobole, Mozambique all his life. He recalls a time when people were told there was no God, and had to pay allegiance to the President and the Communist ruling party. “We believed in witchdoctors and magic. I did not believe in God” says Wate.

It was through attending the Project Philip graduation ceremony of his grandson that Wate met God and His Word. As he sat there the preacher began to go through Bible passages and quoted Psalm 37:3-6. For the first time he heard those reassuring words telling him that nothing is impossible with God…

Each gift of £5 will provide a believer or seeker in Mozambique with a Bible and supporting Bible resource in their heart language.