Imagine leading a church in an area of the world where witchcraft is far more popular than Jesus. In the capital city of Antananarivo, deeply nestled in the rainforests of Madagascar is one such place, and where you will find Simone (name changed to protect her privacy). She’s one of few believers in this region, a place where Bibles are few and far between.

Today, as Simone eagerly takes part in a Project Philip Bible study, she is thankful to believers like you because she finally has access to God’s Word – and she’s able to study it and understand what it means.

Basking in the light of Christ

Simone’s joy is infectious. She raises her hand to answer the questions her pastor, poses to the group. “I’m involved in Project Philip because I have the desire to grow spiritually. I want to know more about God’s Word,” she explains. “I used to think I was a Christian. I realise now that I really didn’t believe in Christ, I just followed traditions. And while I was doing that, I was sinning. I stole, I lied, and I was a drunk.” Seeing Simone now, it is hard to believe this modest grandmother was engaging in such behaviours. But being involved in a terrible car accident ten years ago put her on a journey to faith.

God reveals Himself

After her car accident, Simone needed major surgery. Just before going into the operating room, God spoke to her. “God told me I needed to give my life to Jesus Christ,” she says. “After that, I started going to church. There I met my pastor and he told me about the Project Philip Bible study, so I signed up!”
Now Simone sees the need for others to hear about the gift of God that is only available through His Word, “I want to train to become a Project Philip Bible study leader too – just like my pastor!” she beams.