Kristi (name changed) counts your gift of God’s Word among his blessings. “I would never have been able to afford a Bible on my own,” shares the 30-year-old from his home in Tirana, the capital of Albania. “Through the Bible, I found peace and new life in Jesus Christ. Thank you!”

Kristi’s story

Like most people in Albania, Kristi and his family followed Islam, but he readily admits they were Muslim in name only. “I had never heard of Jesus,” he says.

Poverty was woven into the fabric of his life, and when he became a teenager, his life began to unravel as rage festered inside him. “I got involved with bad friends and started drinking and using drugs, even selling them. I even hit my own parents,” he confesses. “My life was out of control.”

Eventually, Kristi was arrested. He served time in prison and sank into a deep depression. “After my release from prison, I remained locked up within myself,” he explains.

Peace in Christ

Then one day, he heard music coming from a nearby public square and walked over to see what was happening.

As he watched from the edge, a boy approached and began talking to him. “He told me about a great love, the love of Jesus Christ,” shares Kristi. “Then he invited me to go to his church that Sunday. I wondered so much about the love he talked about that I began to attend. Soon I was part of a Project Philip Bible study.

“I learned about God, His unlimited love, and how He has a plan for me,” he continues. “For so long, I thought no one loved me. But Jesus does! He even gave His life for me. His love began to change my life. Now, my violent temper is gone, and I no longer feel abandoned. Instead, I feel beloved by God.”

Your gift of God’s Word helps people like Kristi find new life in Jesus Christ. Thank you!