In times of despair, people like Julio in Colombia are finding hope through God’s Word. Your gift can make a difference again today!

Thanks to your support, a rehabilitation centre in Colombia is using Project Philip Bible studies to share the hope of the Gospel with men trapped in addiction. Julio is one of these men. He arrived hoping to overcome his addictions, but he found new life in Christ along the way.

Hitting rock bottom

Julio recalls, “I was a thief and a killer, and I hurt my family. I started using drugs when I was 12, and by the time I was 18, I was regularly involved in armed robbery. I killed my first man when I was 21. Then when I turned 22, a rival gang shot me five times in a revenge killing. By God’s mercy, I survived.” Soon after, his mother died, and Julio hit rock bottom.

He began living on the streets, collecting bottles and cans for money. Only to turn around and spend the money he earned on drugs and alcohol. After 14 months of rock bottom, a pastor who had been sharing God’s Word with Julio, talked to him about going to rehab. Julio decided to listen.

Discovering Jesus Christ’s love

Julio explains, “He wanted to help me, so I was willing to listen. I came here voluntarily, and I had the will to change.” He continues, “I’ve been here 10 months now, and I have two more to go. Since I’ve been here, the Project Philip Bible studies have shown me Jesus and how He loves. Jesus taught me how to love and help the most needy, like I was. He gave me eternal life and a hunger for spiritual things, not just physical things.”

On the table beside Julio is a worn copy of an easy-to-read Spanish Bible – a gift from a friend like you. As his hard face softens, he says, “I read it a lot. It has revealed so much to me. I can go deeper into the Word now.”