Heavy rains and massive flooding across Kenya during the past year caused many people to lose their homes, farms, and livestock, and left them feeling hopeless. But thanks to Bible Network supporters, people like Naomi also experienced many victories. Through the gift of God’s Word, many found hope in Jesus Christ!

Naomi lives in a quiet village in Kenya. She is a member of the Maasai tribe. When Naomi was young, both of her parents died, so she was raised by an aunt.

“I grew up a happy child because my aunt loved me so much,” she shares. “But in the Maasai culture, education was frowned upon – especially for girls. So I was never taken to school.”

A devastating loss

Naomi left her aunt’s home when she married and started a family of her own. They raise goats and cows to earn a living, but a recent drought killed much of their livestock.
“It was a great blow,” she says of the tremendous loss in income. “We’re still trying to recover.” Naomi was losing hope when a pastor came to her village, inviting people to Project Philip Bible studies. “I was scared to go, because I do not know how to read or write,” Naomi says softly. “But the picture on the cover of the booklet comforted me. There were fellow Maasais on the cover, dressed in red – very Maasai.”

God’s Word changed everything

Before Naomi started the Project Phillip Bible study, her only source of spiritual growth was listening to sermons on Sunday. She liked what she was hearing in the Bible study. “The pastor paired me with someone who could read and write,” she says excitedly. “He helped me understand God’s Word. Plus, when I got home, my children helped me too. The Maasai now believe in educating our children.”

When Naomi completed the Bible study, she received her very own Bible, a gift from a friend like you, “I never, ever thought I would have my own Bible,” shares Naomi, tears forming. “Never in my life have I ever received a certificate of any kind either. This is my very first one. Glory to God! God bless all of you who made this possible!”
Shedding tears of joy, Naomi has vowed to learn how to read and write so she can dutifully study the Scriptures.